Aesthetic or cosmetic dentistry is the ultimate oral care that combines and marries art with science in order to create what is considered an "aesthetic smile" always in accordance with the needs and wishes of the patient.


Veneers are generally thin peels that are glued to the outer surface of the teeth after minimal grinding, with the ultimate goal of improving the aesthetic appearance. We are thus given the possibility to change the color, shape and arrangement of the teeth with an easy procedure for the patient in a short period of time.


These are crowns that have a porcelain frame without any metal and are also covered by a special ceramic material that is fully biocompatible and durable. In this way we achieve flawless aesthetics and naturalness, rendering all the details of a natural tooth


Resin veneers are thin veneers that are placed on the front surface of the teeth. They are used to treat problems related to the color, shape or form of the teeth.

They are conservative restorations - compared to classic crowns - cases (full coverage restorations). Composite resin veneers are partial coverage restorations, since the teeth are ground little or not at all. Resin veneers are direct restorations. This means that they can be placed in one session. With new materials and special layering techniques, we can reproduce the mechanical and optical properties of natural tooth structures. In this way, amazing aesthetic and functional results are achieved, which are maintained for many years.


Bleaching is the most well-known technique with which we can change the color of the teeth to whiter. Whitening is done in the office, at home with special splints or a combination of the two. Each case is different and depends on the guidance of the dentist and the needs of the patient on what to follow in order to reach the desired result. What we need to focus on is the fact that the whitening effect is not permanent. Its duration depends on the type of tooth and also on the habits of the patient. The frequent consumption of food and drinks containing dyes and smoking adversely affect the long-term maintenance of the result.

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