The key to the future of dental treatment lies with the laser. Our practice follows the course of technology and the need to apply it to patients, which is why it has in its hands the most technologically advanced laser on the market. We want to reduce the fear of patients, especially young people, and provide them with healthier services, with less pain, less tissue injury and therefore faster healing.

The application of the laser is done in each of our dental practices. We start with tooth blockages since we can now selectively remove only carious dental substance without the use of the "wheel" and without affecting a solid tooth. We calm even the most anxious, we transform the environment ideal for our new patients, pain is reduced even without anesthesia and a bridge of trust is established between technology-doctor and patient.

But we don't stop here. In more advanced situations, it is possible with the laser to apply microsurgery, without pain, swelling, stitches and discomfort for the patient. With precision and respect for the tissues, a "cleaner" environment is created, free of germs and infections, less bleeding and faster healing. We overcome the problems and difficulties of classical surgery and move on to the ease and safety provided by the correct use of the laser

Advantages of Using Laser

  • Precise and minimally invasive shaping of the bone.
  • Implant disclosure.
  • Effective treatment of peri-implantitis.
  • Disinfection of an implant without affecting its surface.
  • Removal of granulomatous tissue without affecting healthy bone.
  • Improves and accelerates bone regeneration.
  • Effective disinfection of the periodontal pocket.
  • Precise and effective removal of callous tissue.
  • Precise and effective  plaque removal.
  • Minimally invasive surgery.
  • Fast recovery of soft tissue and bone.
  • Faster recovery and better result.
  • Contactless work.
  • Selective and precise caries removal.
  • Removal of healthy tooth surface is avoided.
  • No vibrations.
  • No microcracks and surface necrosis (no carbonization).
  • Effective dentin disinfection.
  • Minimally invasive opening of the tooth, no increase in temperature, no microfractures.
  • Effective removal of bacteria and disinfection of the root canal.
  • A rhizectomy can be done with minimally invasive techniques
  • Smile design with easy gingivoplasty.
  • Discoloration of pigment spots.
  • Excellent for removing porcelain veneers and crowns.
  • It allows the reuse of additive tasks.
  • Minimally invasive technique for tumor removal.
  • Accurate tissue acquisition for biopsy and safe histological analysis.
  • It minimizes the symptoms of many dental diseases
  • Bone shaping can be done in a precise and selective manner while maintaining the integrity of the tissue.
  • Non-traumatic osteotomy.
  • Bone shaping without thermal stress.
  • Accelerates bone regeneration.
  • The LiteTouch laser is the most suitable method for dental treatment in children.
  • No noise, no fear and no vibration.
  • Precise and minimally invasive treatments.
  • Excellent disinfection of carious areas, ensure effective treatment.
  • Excellent disinfection of adjacent surfaces.

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