Intraoral Scanner

Digital impression is the latest innovation in dentistry. It consists of the <> that is inserted into the patient's mouth and within a few minutes it has the ability to photograph the mouth and teeth, capturing them on a computer screen. On this computer, the dentist has the ability to process the impression and also to send it digitally to any technician he wants and wherever he wants.

For the patient, the impression has always been a difficult process. The differences were imprinted with materials either in liquid-semi-liquid or thick form that had to stay in the mouth for a few minutes. There are also many times when multiple impressions were needed until the prosthetic work was completed
It is also worth mentioning the patients who do not tolerate the classic method of imprinting due to strong vomiting reflexes. These reasons were for many patients a deterrent to completing a prosthetic job.
With digital imaging, however, the patient does not need to undergo anything like that. The process is quick, easy, simple and painless.
So this valuable state-of-the-art tool could not be missing from our practice, making our work and the patient's experience more pleasant than ever.

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