Volumetric tomograph & Digital Panoramic CS81003D

The CS 8100 3D digital panoramic and volumetric tomograph works in our clinic. It is a state-of-the-art machine and now a basic diagnostic aid in teeth and jaw problems. In particular, in modern implantology, digital volumetric tomography is necessary because it offers three-dimensional imaging of the jawbones, helping both in the surgical and in the prosthetic field. It is also widely used in other cases, such as the imaging of embedded teeth, cysts, and problems that are not visualized by panoramic or other x-rays.

Features and Convenience


From simple panoramic imaging to endodontic treatment planning, implant placement and maxillofacial treatments, Carestream Dental's CS 8100 3D computed tomography (CBCT) is a best choice for any dental office.

  • "Red Dot Award" technology for panoramic shooting.
  • Download both 2D and 3D panoramic image.
  • Precise 3D shots with a maximum resolution of 75μm on the sensor.
  • CAD/CAM compatible and ready for 3D model scanning and digital solutions capability

The digital panoramic CS 8100 3D is designed for faster and easier positioning of the patient.

  • Easy access for a patient standing, sitting or even in a wheelchair.
    Three different anatomical programs for complete adaptation to the shape of the jaw.
  • The vertical movement is made with an industrial stepper motor for greater durability and accuracy in positioning.
  • Face-to-face positioning of the patient for easier positioning.
  • Transparent frame and head holders, without laser placement


Multiple programs in 2D visualization

  • Classic panning - Panning for kids
  • Sectional overview
  • Panoramic without the TMJs
  • TMJ (Double Panoramic) - TMJ (Quadruple View)
  • Igmoreia
  • Segmental bitewing


3D options

  • Image of upper and lower jaw together (8cm x 9cm)
  • Illustration of a jaw (8cm x 5cm). Ideal visualization for implant placement planning.
  • General purpose illustration (5cm x 5cm). Ideal combination of field and radiation dose. Ideal for most dental uses.
  • EndoHD (5cm x 5cm : 75μm) The highest resolution for greater detail in the sections that need to see the morphology of the root canal.
  • Suitable for endodontic treatments.
  • Pediatric program (4cm x 4cm). Limited field with low radiation dose. Ideal for young patients, single implants.

3D Footprint Scan Options

Image your fingerprints with great precision. Objects can be worked with the CS Restore program or exported in STL format for integration into other software

With the innovative Carestream Imaging Software and CSDM Lite functionality, image transfer from one workstation to another is a simple routine.

With a new redesigned function with SQL Server for faster search and data transfer you can immediately see the image from wherever you want.

With the ability to preview the x-ray without opening the patient tab and download directly from the search tab, it is certain that the new software will fascinate you. Ideal for polyclinics and dental offices with many workplaces and a large clientele.

Through the same software you can edit both your panoramic x-rays and your 3D shots.

One software common to all Carestream Dental products.
Possibility of immediate acquisition, sharing, printing and transmission of the image immediately and quickly.
Updated online implant library of almost all companies (new companies are constantly being added)
Great capability in measurements, notes, printouts for both panoramic and volumetric tomography.

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