Guided Implantology

Computer-guided implantology is the process where using R2Gate software, the treatment plan of implant placement is performed virtually. r2gate 1The process is simple as all that is required is to take a volumetric tomography inside the dental office and take a digital impression of the patient's mouth. In just a few minutes with the use of the special software, we have the digital clinical image of the patient's mouth both in terms of bone imaging and soft gum imaging. After studying the restoration and the prosthetic work that we will use, the digital teeth of the patient are drawn and based on them, the exact position of the implant is determined. After the selection of the most correct place to place the implants, always according to the biology and functionality of the oral cavity of each patient, the special surgical splint is made that will be placed on the patient's jaw and will lead us to the safe placement of the implants.

The advantages of this method are:

  • Predictability of prosthetic work
  • Avoidance of complicated surgical plans resulting in many cases more economical treatment plans
  • Analysis of bone quality before surgery
  • Prosthetic implant restoration even in one day
  • Designing direct digital prosthetic work.
  • Less postoperative pain

With the innovative R2Gate software, we have the possibility for precise planning and study of the treatment plan of each individual patient. The unique function with recognition of the bone quality before surgery helps us to choose the ideal treatment plan even for the most demanding patients. This way, on the day of the surgery, the patient can leave the Dental Care with the final prosthetic restoration

The purpose of guided implantology is the immediate prosthetic restoration of the patient's mouth. That is, on the day of the implant placement, the patient leaves the dental office having either a temporary or the final prosthetic work.

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