PRGF Τechnique

The PRGF Technique (aggregate rich in platelets - growth factors) opens new perspectives in dentistry, to accelerate and improve the natural healing of wounds. The concentrated platelets in PRP contain vast stores of bioactive proteins, including growth factors, which are vital for accelerating tissue healing and regeneration.
Our practice is also specialized in the application of the PRGF (platelet growth factors) technique, which consists in collecting venous blood from the patient and producing growth factors from the platelets through centrifugation. These growth factors can be used to soak the implants before they are placed in the bone, accelerating their osseointegration and healing. The material from blood centrifugation can also be activated with 10% sodium chloride at 37 degrees Celsius and either mixed with graft materials accelerating regeneration and healing, or to produce a collagen membrane, used to cover grafts and implants.

This technique is mainly used in cases of patients, where incremental bone regeneration techniques are applied, to achieve fewer complications, better healing, higher predictability and faster results in the application of regenerative techniques.

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The latest generation CS81003D digital panoramic and volumetric tomograph works in our clinic. It is a state-of-the-art machine and now a basic diagnostic aid in teeth and jaw problems.

The innovative LiteTouch Er:YAG dental laser system is changing the face of dentistry by making good oral health easier, more convenient and painless. We use it in our practice because it has excellent potential in both soft and hard dental tissues.

With the help of the volumetric tomograph and special design programs, for very complex cases where immediate restoration is necessary, surgical splints are used to place the implants with many advantages

In "Dental Care" it is possible to take a digital impression and send it to the best dental laboratories throughout Greece. With this possibility all prosthetic work can be done with modern materials and made by modern machines

Dental Implants

In "Dental Care" we are constantly informed about dental implants and we are constantly looking for the best companies worldwide to offer immediate solutions to the loss of some or many teeth. The specifications of the dental implants we use are the best in the world.

  • The placement of the implants is done without incisions and extensive surgical tissue injuries with the known effects (mentioned above).
  • Faster healing is achieved and the degree of bone resorption at the apex of the alveolar bone is significantly reduced (bibliography), because the perfusion of the area is not affected.
  • Cases of patients who are unable, due to health problems (overburdened general health, antiplatelet therapy, etc.) to undergo extensive invasive techniques, are treated. Also patients, who do not wish, for various reasons, to suffer the effects of the application of extensive surgical techniques in their professional and social life

The aesthetic results of dental implants are similar to those of your natural teeth. Your smile can and does become just like the one you always had and even better.


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