Restorative Dentistry

When we have extensive destruction of a tooth to be able to strengthen it and keep it in the mouth, we place a crown (known case). The mold is metal or porcelain and the lining is ceramic material. When a tooth is missing, a gap is created which makes it difficult for the patient aesthetically, functionally and chewing. Then we can place an implant in the place of the lost tooth and restore it with a single crown without affecting adjacent teeth. However, if the cost is high enough for the patient, then instead of an implant we can place a bridge, with the disadvantage of grinding the adjacent abutment teeth.

In many cases we have more extensive losses of both tissues (soft-hard) and teeth. Then we can proceed with the construction of a mobile prosthesis (the patient puts it on and takes it off), either partial or total depending on the extent of the loss. The patient's mastication, aesthetics and functionality are improved to a satisfactory extent. Optimal long-term results in this type of loss are achieved with implants. A sufficient number of implants are placed so that the immobile prosthetic work can then cope with the patient's needs. We achieve an excellent aesthetic result, maintain a stable tissue volume and improve the patient's psychology.

Our priority in all the treatment plans we propose is the patient and his needs. We offer solutions to every problem by seeing your patient as our fellow human being who needs us to socialize and be psychologically well.

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